99% of your old videos do not work

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I went back to watch an old video This one and it wasn't working. I thought it was just a fluke, so I tried every single other video on that page and nothing. I went back to an even older game, Horizon, and none of those videos are working either.

Your video player seems to only support new videos, maybe because of a certain file format. However if you are not going to allow old videos to be played - or you simply cannot do it - then at least remove them. Keeping these videos non-functional makes the site feel like a mess and incomplete, please plug these holes.

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Quote from a couple months back:

@HackerXtreme said:

What about the old videos pre-2008 that won't play at all? This has been a problem even before the relaunch of the site.

This was because, when we made the decision to move over to FLV (and later, MP4), we didn't re-encode our entire video library due to its size. This is something that we'll be fixing this year, though, in the meanwhile, I'll make sure that these busted videos are hidden from the site so that you don't land on a video page that plays a 30s ad and then...nothing, which is obviously super frustrating.


Basically they need re-encoding because the format is wrong atm, and due to the sheer size of the video library it won't be done until later this year. They should all be working again by the end of the year if all goes as planned. The quote suggests that these pages should be hidden from view atm though, which doesn't appear to be the case for all of them.

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Does that include old podcasts as well?

You'd have to ask @LarkAnderson that one, I can't really say for sure either way.