One of the most addictive games that I have played

I played NBA Live 98 in 1998, this is what game me the basketball game... it may be an old game, right now I'm playing NBA live 06 and things havent chaged much in gameplay since then.

I used to love the halftime shows and I stuyed the NBA at that time and live basketball

The GOOD: good gameplay, which includes season playing and stuff which hassent changed in the NBA live series to this date, super videos with halftime shows and stuff,, good graphics and sounds, easy keyboard movements and player movements are real

The BAD: There really isnt much bad to say, when it comes to creating a player though you can easily put all his abilities up to 99% and make the player almost superhuman..

one classic game that I have played and loved, highly addictive and replay value as I played it for more than an year. You can play a real time season...