Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

    Code Effect
    Purchase the Foreign Legion FAMAS 3.8 kg of Love
    Purchase an outfit, helmet and accessory Aww, Pretty Princess
    Escort the bus safely without it taking damage Buckle Up
    Kill 25 chickens Chicken BBQ
    Kill 2500 chickens Chicken Kebab Party
    Reach level 20 Ding!
    Play a game with only the Peace Badge and Bullets equipped Full Metal Jacket
    Play a game with only the Smiley Badge equipped Killing with a Smile
    Play a game with only the Night Vision Goggles equipped Let there be Light
    Survive 30 minutes in endless mode Survivor
    Kill 1337 enemies in total The Elite
    Finish the campaign on any difficulty War Hero
    Make 15 headshots in one round Headless Horseman
    Kill 4 enemies with one rocket Rocket Man
    Kill all chickens in one round Chicken Slaughter
    Find the minigun My Little Friend
    Kill all enemy waves in 7 minutes Time Traveler
    Kill 5 enemies with an air raid Death From Above
    Repair the town hall 5 times in one round Handyman
    Beat the game in the veteran difficulty Foreign Legionair
    Make a kill chain of 10 kills Blood Hunger
    Win the game with all civilians alive Damage Control

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ FAQ by AlCurtis 13K