The sightjacking ability is back with added features, but with mixed feelings with the overall game.

User Rating: 7.7 | Siren 2 PS2
The game is based on an island of Yamijima, where suddenly it becomes completely isolated because of the electricity power being cut off and a mysterious being appears on the island along with a tsunami, coloured in blood submergs the entire island. People arrives in the island for their own reasons, but not before their boat goes out of control and the same tsunami sends the people off. As they arrive on the island, they face the shibito (although different compared to the first) and the new enemy, Yamibito.

GAMEPLAY: The game has been drastically improved from the first one, with explained tutorials, new actions (fighting barehanded, stealing enemies' weapons, driving cars) and with new sightjack functions for certain characters. While there are some improvements, I couldn't help but feel the character's movements feels more clunkier than the first; the characters movements feels more slower than the first, and somewhat mechanical.

GRAPHICS: The graphics has been improved and looks more eye-catching than ever. No real problems except some odd moments, but again that shouldn't put you off.

SOUND: Finally, they added two spoken languages for the game, English and Japanese, making it more easier to take the game seriously as if you are actually playing the Japanese version of the game, which is how it should have been. However, the disappointment is the shibito/yamibito sound is not as impressive as the first but still done rather well. Music is very well done, no real complaints.

VALUE: The game has more replay value than the other game because of the multi-difficulty, and a more challenging time-attack. But as I hear the rewards are very little but is still reasonable enough to play more. Because of the difficulty, some changes can be noticed in comparision of the Easy, Normal and Hard. An extra enemy may appear, or their pattern will become more complex. However the diffulty of Hard to Siren fans will seem more like a 'Normal' difficulty.

OVERALL: The game has it's improvements, but it seems shorter than the other game with fewer overall missions and lack of character appreciations, interesting ones has little missions which makes their character seem worthless. Enemies don't seem as creepy as they 'evolve', they look more odd and, well, clownish. The story is not as entralling as the first since it doesn't seem to make any sense at first, but given time it could all be figured out. And the added combat features casts away the claustrophobic feel, but it could give a agrophobic feeling. I like this game ver well, but I feel the game is a little 'rushed' and has not been thought properly.

What the next game should have is a fresh overall option to constantly change character's fate to have the main character (Kyoya, Mamoru etc.) die at the beginning and the secondary characters live longer once the actual game plot is finished to unlock a brand new game where each characters have different fates and different missions altogether. This shouldn't affect the story at all.