While it does not improves as much it would be needed, this new Siren shows the series has potential!

User Rating: 8 | Siren 2 PS2
The first Siren, while introducing the interesting sightjack mechanic, the multi-players stages and an interesting story, was very, very hard, and making even the more experienced Survival Horror players to quit. One of the main reasons it sold bad in the US. That may be too why Forbidden Siren 2 probably won't come to American shores, currently, it was released only in Japan and Europe. Pity, because, while it is still not easy, it delivers a better experience on every bad aspect of the first...

Graphics: 7.5/10
Not greatly improved from the first, still nice facial expressions, though body looks not very good. Environments are good.

Sound: 8.7/10
Great effects of the Shibitos and other enemies, as well as the Siren, of course, gun shots, and there is almost no music. The english Voice Acting is VERY....funny. Just like the first one. Thankfully, Jap Voiceovers save the day.

Gameplay: 8.1/10: While Forbidden Siren 2 is not a game for the weak hearted and beginners, it certainly is smoother in difficulty than the first one. The sightjacking is still a nifty good mechanic, and the multi-player stage is still interesting, though somewhat confusing at times. Now, vehicles for you to control, and more weapons.

Story: 8.0/10
Though it's not a groundbreaking plot, it is still satisfying. The events unfold in Yamijima Island, with a nice cast of characters, almost of them all,
playable. There are some twists and turns, and, for the great number of characters, only a few of them are really developed. Some are left out...

Overall: I enjoyed this follow-up to the original Siren much more than it. It still has its fair share of problems, like the difficulty, but if you had a good time with the first, you can't go wrong with this!