Good fun game for $7.99

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I play a lot of Foosball on a Tornado table with good tornado balls and it is a real 4 player game. Once you get good players, it can be a lot of fun and stress relief.

So when I saw this game this morning on the PS3 store page, I bought it asap. So far I am loving this game. Great controls with the Move as well as with the controller and it is so cheap. I feel this game is worth $25 easily for all that has been put into it.

Gameplay - quite good and albeit it can be a bit challenging on higher levels especially to control the ball, the controls are what make it work well. Left Thumbstick for movement and Right for hitting the ball works intuitively and quite well.

Graphics - not much to go wrong here. It is quite good and visually appealing. The additional foosmen are nice along with the ball choices

Sounds - quite good, however, it is sometimes tough to capture the feel of the game. Nevertheless the sounds are apt and enjoyable

Controller - works beautifully with the regular sixaxis as well as with the Move. The Move is a little tougher as expected and not as quite as tight.

Value - excellent value for the $8 I spent

Overall - 9/10  This is a must have for sports afficianados as well as casual players.