A solid wargame similar to TacOps. If you like the subject it's worth your money.

User Rating: 3.3 | Flashpoint Germany PC
Note: The 1.1 update is not reflected in the below comments but it fixes a number of small issues and adds a number of nice improvements that makes a good game even better.
Previously this was a 'first look' review but now I've spent some more time with the game so I am updating my comments. Overall I am not changing my score but my opinion of the game has improved.

Overall the game has a very similar feel to TacOps or Highway to the Reich. The graphics are mostly functional and sound is minimal. The map is very attractive but, like many fancy miniature game tables, not particulary play friendly. It is tough to figure out lines of site and movement types but fortunately there are overlays you can bring up that indicate these for you. Sound is minimal but very functional. Various 'sounds of war' happen during the turn including movement and fire. But the combat sounds and graphics are most helpful (except it is sometimes tough to see who is firing). The target gets hit with various explosions that denote hits, aristrikes, artillery (even chemical strikes) that are all unique and easily identifiable after a fashion. The interface presents all the information you need but not in the slickest or most intutive manner but you get used to it in about a half hour. I wish they used hexes instead of squares but oh well (squares just make for some odd movement and LOS situations). Some of the log windows (such as the TacpOps Diary) don't allow you to resize the various panes but you can expand the overall window size. I also haven't figured out a way to bring up the Vehicle Database for enemy units. For your own units you can click on them and then the Database will show that unit type. For enemy units you have to dig through the whole thing to find what you are looking for.

Game play starts with a setup phase and then an orders phase. There are great map overlays that show cover, movement costs, and best of all, line of site. The LOS is very well done and you are allowed to see the LOS from any square on the map. This helps offset the pretty-but-less-than-functional game map. You can 'preview' your turn to see where everything is supposed to end up (not counting enemy actions of course). Then you execute your turn. You have the option to allow certain actions to be taken by your units within a turn (such as air and arty strikes) or leave them to your own assignment between turns. Again this is similar to TacOps or the Combat Mission games (although the turn times are longer). Besides giving orders to each unit you can set SOP (reaction actions) as well as see the status of each unit (morale, ammo, unit info, etc). You can give units movement waypoint orders that are easy to edit. You can also vary the amount of time a turn represents which is nice for smaller and larger games. AI seems respectable at least. There is a nice emphasis on command and control and there are various order delays that can be introduced and the interface makes it easy to see what units belong to what HQ units (including a full TO&E).

Overall the game options are very good and the game play seems solid as well. It is a fun game and does a good job of giving you the feel for higher level command. If you like traditional wargames and enjoy the Cold War subject matter than Flashpoint Germany is probably worth a look.