Fire 'N Ice Cheats For NES

  1. Passwords

    Code Effect
    M28VZ1XN 6T?G7FSJ 3HRVH652 Final Password
    8VZ1XN6T G7FSJ3HR 4CQBJ!DV Final World
    PD.K9WL! M2VZ1XN6 T?G7V5JD World 6-1
    7FSJ3H4C QB5PD.K9 WL!MKNVF World 4-1
    HR4CQB56 .K9WL!M2 8VZ1SF6R World 5-1
    ZQX56D?K 7WS!32RV C15P5XK1 All levels cleared except for the Fortresses
    SJ3H4CQB 5PD.K9WL !M28!N1J World 3-1

    Contributed by: Arfgard 

  2. Fortress-Only Passwords

    Only fortresses are left, including in Level 10. Only 1 fortress can be available to the player at a time, which is the reason for passwords to each fortress.

    Code Effect
    QX56D?K7 WS!32RVC 1BNPBD7B Only Fortresses Left: Fortress 1 Ready
    QB56D?K7 WS!32RVC 1BNPXD7B Only Fortresses Left: Fortress 2 Ready
    QB5PD?K7 WS!32RVC 1BNPB.7B Only Fortresses Left: Fortress 3 Ready
    QB5PD.K7 WS!32RVC 1BNPX.7B Only Fortresses Left: Fortress 4 Ready
    QB5PD.K9 WS!32RVC 1BNPBK7B Only Fortresses Left: Fortress 5 Ready
    QB5PD.K9 WL!32RVC 1BNPXK7B Only Fortresses Left: Fortress 6 Ready
    QB5PD.K9 WL!M2RVC 1BNPB97B Only Fortresses Left: Fortress 7 Ready
    QB5PD.K9 WL!M28VC 1BNPX97B Only Fortresses Left: Fortress 8 Ready
    QB5PD.K9 WL!M28VZ 1BNPBW7B Only Fortresses Left: Fortress 9 Ready

    Contributed by: ugetab 

  3. Consecutive Progress Passwords

    Note that these passwords assume that you're going in order and want to start at the named level. For example, the 1-8 password assumes you've beaten 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, and 1-7, and no more.

    Code Effect
    66T?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.99WN Level 1-2
    ?6T?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.L9WN Level 1-3
    S6T?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.89WN Level 1-4
    B6T?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.?9WN Level 1-5
    X6T?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD..9WN Level 1-6
    XTT?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.KWWN Level 1-7
    XGT?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.WWWN Level 1-8
    XJT?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.2WWN Level 1-9
    X5T?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.TWWN Level 1-10
    XNT?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.DWWN Level 2-1
    XN??G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD..WWN Level 2-2
    XN7?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.9LWN Level 2-3
    XN3?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.MLWN Level 2-4
    XNP?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.6LWN Level 2-5
    XN6?G7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.PLWN Level 2-6
    XN6GG7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.DLWN Level 2-7
    XN6FG7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.K!WN Level 2-8
    XN6HG7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.!!WN Level 2-9
    XN6DG7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.N!WN Level 2-10
    XN6TG7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.5!WN Level 3-1
    XN6T77FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.P!WN Level 3-2
    XN6TS7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD..!WN Level 3-3
    XN6TR7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.LMWN Level 3-4
    XN6T.7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.XMWN Level 3-5
    XN6T?7FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.BMWN Level 3-6
    XN6T?FFS J3HR4CQB 5PD.5MWN Level 3-7
    XN6T?JFS J3HR4CQB 5PD.DMWN Level 3-8
    XN6T?4FS J3HR4CQB 5PD.W2WN Level 3-9
    XN6T?KFS J3HR4CQB 5PD.12WN Level 3-10
    XN6T?GFS J3HR4CQB 5PD.Q2WN Level 4-1
    XN6T?GSS J3HR4CQB 5PD.B2WN Level 4-2
    XN6T?G3S J3HR4CQB 5PD.P2WN Level 4-3
    XN6T?GCS J3HR4CQB 5PD.98WN Level 4-4
    XN6T?G9S J3HR4CQB 5PD.Z8WN Level 4-5
    XN6T?G7S J3HR4CQB 5PD.C8WN Level 4-6
    XN6T?G7J J3HR4CQB 5PD.Q8WN Level 4-7
    XN6T?G7H J3HR4CQB 5PD.58WN Level 4-8
    XN6T?G7Q J3HR4CQB 5PD.KVWN Level 4-9
    XN6T?G7W J3HR4CQB 5PD.VVWN Level 4-10
    XN6T?G7F J3HR4CQB 5PD.4VWN Level 5-1
    XN6T?G7F 33HR4CQB 5PD.CVWN Level 5-2
    XN6T?G7F R3HR4CQB 5PD.BVWN Level 5-3
    XN6T?G7F B3HR4CQB 5PD..VWN Level 5-4
    XN6T?G7F L3HR4CQB 5PD.8ZWN Level 5-5
    XN6T?G7F S3HR4CQB 5PD.RZWN Level 5-6
    XN6T?G7F SHHR4CQB 5PD.4ZWN Level 5-7
    XN6T?G7F S4HR4CQB 5PD.QZWN Level 5-8
    XN6T?G7F S5HR4CQB 5PD.DZWN Level 5-9
    XN6T?G7F S!HR4CQB 5PD.21WN Level 5-10
    XN6T?G7F SJHR4CQB 5PD.H1WN Level 6-1
    XN6T?G7F SJRR4CQB 5PD.R1WN Level 6-2
    XN6T?G7F SJCR4CQB 5PD.C1WN Level 6-3
    XN6T?G7F SJPR4CQB 5PD.P1WN Level 6-4
    XN6T?G7F SJMR4CQB 5PD.MXWN Level 6-5
    XN6T?G7F SJ3R4CQB 5PD.3XWN Level 6-6
    XN6T?G7F SJ344CQB 5PD.HXWN Level 6-7
    XN6T?G7F SJ3Q4CQB 5PD.4XWN Level 6-8
    XN6T?G7F SJ3D4CQB 5PD.5XWN Level 6-9
    XN6T?G7F SJ324CQB 5PD.!NWN Level 6-10
    XN6T?G7F SJ3H4CQB 5PD.JNWN Level 7-1
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HCCQB 5PD.3NWN Level 7-2
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HBCQB 5PD.RNWN Level 7-3
    XN6T?G7F SJ3H.CQB 5PD.BNWN Level 7-4
    XN6T?G7F SJ3H8CQB 5PD.L6WN Level 7-5
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HRCQB 5PD.S6WN Level 7-6
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HRQQB 5PD.J6WN Level 7-7
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR5QB 5PD.H6WN Level 7-8
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HRKQB 5PD.Q6WN Level 7-9
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HRVQB 5PD.WTWN Level 7-10
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4QB 5PD.FTWN Level 8-1
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4BB 5PD.STWN Level 8-2
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4PB 5PD.3TWN Level 8-3
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR49B 5PD.CTWN Level 8-4
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4ZB 5PD.9?WN Level 8-5
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CB 5PD.7?WN Level 8-6
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4C5 5PD.F?WN Level 8-7
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CD 5PD.J?WN Level 8-8
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CW 5PD.4?WN Level 8-9
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4C1 5PD.KGWN Level 8-10
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ 5PD.GGWN Level 9-1
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ PPD.7GWN Level 9-2
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ .PD.SGWN Level 9-3
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ LPD.RGWN Level 9-4
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ XPD..GWN Level 9-5
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ BPD.?7WN Level 9-6
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ BDD.G7WN Level 9-7
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ BKD.F7WN Level 9-8
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B!D.H7WN Level 9-9
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ BND.D7WN Level 9-10
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B5D.TFWN Level 10-1
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B5..?FWN Level 10-2
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B59.7FWN Level 10-3
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B5M.3FWN Level 10-4
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B56.PFWN Level 10-5
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B5P.6SWN Level 10-6
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B5PKTSWN Level 10-7
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B5PWGSWN Level 10-8
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B5P2JSWN Level 10-9
    XN6T?G7F SJ3HR4CQ B5PT5SWN Level 10-10

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  4. Bonus Levels & Sound Test

    At the title screen when the words "PUSH START BUTTON" begin flashing, input the code

    Code Effect
    Hold the Select button and press B 10 times Bonus Levels & Sound Test

    Contributed by: Ryan Rider 

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