Fire Emblem Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Secret Shops

    Secret Shops are hidden on the maps and can only be found by a character with a Member's Card special item, which can be stolen from an enemy in chapter 19. These Secret Shops sell high-level weapons and even items to promote your characters.

    Chapter 19 - One is in the clearing between the two broken walls above the room with the two treasure chests in the upper left corner of the map, and the other is behind a wall in the lower-right corner.

    Chapter 21 - The empty room in the upper-left corner of the map.

    Chapter 23 - There are two versions of this map. If the boss is Linus, the shop will be on the right side of the map, on the island. Otherwise, it will be in the trees above the lone house slightly left of center.

    Chapter 29 - In the two-by-two square area left of the lone treasure chest at the bottom-left. You must use a warp staff to get there.

    Chapter 30 - In the very upper-right corner of the map, among the trees.

    Contributed by: Relle 

  2. Triangle attack (Automatic critical)

    In Hector's story, obtain Farina, Florina, and Fiora. Then, use all of them on the field of battle. Have two of them WAIT right next to an enemy (on your turn). Use the third (most powerful out of those three is highly recommended) to attack that enemy. In the battle sequence, you will see a really cool battle scene and you will do an automatic critical attack. NOTE: This will only work with these characters!

    Contributed by: bullet sword 

  3. Different Game Endings

    Fire Emblem 7 actually has three different endings with changes in each. Here is how you obtain them:

    Ending 1: The "default" ending. Complete one or fewer Kishuna chapters to obtain it.
    Ending 2: A hidden ending with minor changes to the final boss fight, such as a different death quote. Complete two Kishuna stages to obtain it.
    Ending 3: The hardest ending to recieve. It has major changes, including a different death quote from Nergal, new dialogue, and a new "Fin" picture at the end of the game with Nergal and his wife. Complete all three Kishuna chapters to obtain it.

    *Note: The "Kishuna" chapters are 19xx, 22x, and 32x.

    Contributed by: Jaffar7 

  4. Silver Card

    In chapter 18x were there is a magic seal, have a thief steal it from the boss. The silver card will make the prices of items from shops cut in halve. NOTE: Make sure to steal the silver card before you break the magic barrier. You must be playing on Hard difficulty as well.

    Contributed by: deathcloud5000 

  5. Keeping ring effects for more than 1 turn

    If you wish to keep the effects of Nil's/Ninian's rings for more than one turn, have the affected character be rescued. This will allow you to keep the effect for another turn.

    Contributed by: Orochi Shinryuu 

  6. Control Enemy Units

    Place a Mine anywhere on the field. When an enemy unit walks onto it, while they are taking damage, reset your game. When you continue your game, it shows the enemy being damaged again, and then you can control your enemy units. Use this to make them discard all of their items, retreat, or attack units that you want to level up. Note* Enemy units can only be controlled for one turn.

    Contributed by: DarknessConsumesAll 

  7. Repair Items to Full Usage

    To do this little nifty trick, first you must have an item such as a lockpick, or a healing item (Vulnerary or Elixer.) Okay, now the only thing you have to do is let an enemy thief steal your item, then just steal it back from him, and it will be completely usable at full.

    Example: Lockpick 9/15 Usage, Enemy theif steals it, Your theif steals it back, it is now at full potential once again, and voila

    Contributed by: PsychodelicFuzz 

  8. Sound Test: Random Mode

    In the Sound Test, simply press select and you will go into Random Mode. By pressing left or right on the control-pad you can switch to a different song. Press either B or Select to return to the regular setting.

    Contributed by: Firedemon4 

  9. Sound Test, Movie Gallery, and Tactician Rating

    Beat the game once and in the Extra section,you will find Sound Test, Movie Gallery, and Tactician Rating.

    You wont get all of the songs if you dont get 100% and play every side quest.

    Same thing for Movie Gallery, you must beat the all of the game once to see all the cutscenes.

    Tactician Rating rates you in four catergories on how well you did on the whole game.

    Code Effect
    Beat the tutorial Sound Test
    Beat the game once. Tactician Rating

    Contributed by: darklotr91 

  10. Unlock Gaiden Stages

    Unlocking each gaiden stage, or side quest, must be done in the chapter of the same number (i.e. Lyn's chapter 7 gaiden must be unlocked by meeting the listed requirements in chapter 7). The only exception to this is Hector's gaiden 19xx, which has an additional requirement.

    Code Effect
    Finish chapter 7 in 15 turns or less. Lyn Chapter 7x
    Visit the village in the top left-hand side of the map. Eliwood Chapter 13x
    Keep at least one of the NPC soldiers alive. Eliwood Chapter 16x
    Finish chapter 18 in 15 turns or less. Eliwood Chapter 18x
    Recruit Hawkeyes and gain 700XP or more with your entire party. Each member's XP gain contributes to this total. Eliwood Chapter 22x
    Recruit Nino and have her Talk with Jaffar. Eliwood Chapter 26x
    No special requirements. Eliwood Chapter 29x
    Visit the village in the top left-hand side of the map. Hector Chapter 13x
    Keep at least one of the NPC soldiers alive. Hector Chapter 17x
    Finish chapter 19 in 15 turns or less. Hector Chapter 19x
    Before chapter 11, train Nils to at least level 7 and kill the magic barrier in chapter 19x. Hector Chapter 19xx
    Recruit Hawkeyes and gain 700XP or more with your entire party. Each member's XP gain contributes to this total. Hector Chapter 23x
    Recruit Nino and have her Talk with Jaffar. Hector Chapter 28x
    No special requirements. Hector Chapter 31x
    Finish chapter 32 in 20 turns or less. Hector Chapter 32x

    Contributed by: Relle 

  11. Fire Emblem Unlockables

    Many of these things can be unlocked by beating the game. Otherwise, it is as described.

    Code Effect
    Beat Eliwood's Tale once. Battle History (view ratings for complete games)
    Beat Eliwood's Tale once. Support Conversation (read unlocked supports)
    Beat Eliwood's Tale once. Hector's Tale (more chapters/enemies)
    Beat Eliwood's Tale once. Lyn's Tale, Hard Mode (no tutorial)
    Beat Eliwood's Tale once. Eliwood's Tale, Hard Mode
    Beat Hector's Tale once. Hector's Tale, Hard Mode

    Contributed by: Rath Illuser 

  12. Secret promotion Items

    Code Effect
    Defeat Sonja or steal from Sonja in Chapter 26x Fell Contract
    Found in Chapter 22 by moving a thief onto the bottom right corner of the map. Ocean Seal
    In Ch.20(21) have a Theif STEAL it from Oleg. Hero Crest
    In Ch.22(23), send a unit w/high luck to the area left of the top-left most skeleton. Hero Crest
    In Ch.22(23), have a Thief STEAL it from Jasmine. Guiding Ring
    In Ch.24(26), have a Thief STEAL it from the southern-most Cavalier. Knight Crest
    In Ch.27(29), have a Thief STEAL it from one of the Snipers on the wetern side of the temple. Guiding Ring

    Contributed by: korean189 

  13. Special Scenes w/ Hector or Eliwood

    Hector:Get an A support w/ either Florina, Farina, or Lyn before beating the game.
    Eliwood:Get an A support with either Ninian, Fiora, or Lyn before beating the game.

    Contributed by: DivineKnight829 

  14. View picture gallery

    Go to the sound test once you have unlocked it, then press R. The screen for selecting songs will disappear. Every time you press A, the picture will change-It should have all of the the still pictures of events that you have gotten, with several more in addition. Press B or Start to exit.

    Contributed by: TheStrangeOne 

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