Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Rennac/Member Card: Chapter 14 (Eirika Mode)

    When you unlock the door to the far right on Chapter 14, you will see a rogue named Rennac. He holds the member card for the secret shop. To get it, you must recruit him, kill him, or steal it. If you kill him, he will drop it, but you will miss a valuable character. If you steal it, he has the opportunity to kill you, so do so at your own risk. If you recruit him with Eirika, you will have to pay 10,000g. If you recruit him with L'Arachel, he will be free, which is a big advantage. He doesn't need a lockpick to open chests and doors, and is a fairly decent fighter.

    Contributed by: starindyford 

  2. Member Card and Secret Shop (Ephraim Mode Ch. 14)

    To get the member card from Rennac you either steal it, kill him, or recruit him w/ Ephraim for 9980 gold or have L'Arachel talk to him without paying him. After getting the member card go to the left side of the stage where there is an archer holding an body ring(you have to steal the body ring). To the archers right will be the secret shop.

    Contributed by: J_E_M 

  3. Change equipped items of a character even if their turn is over.

    Take any of your units up to a certain character and select the trade command. Trade your weapon of choice to the top of the character's list of weapons. That weapon will now be equipped. This can come in handy when you realize you may need a different weapon then what is currently equipped.

    Contributed by: H3R3TIK 

  4. Secret Shop (Ch. 19)

    On the right side of the stage(where there are 3 chests in a verticle line) there will be a revesed-upside down L. The secret shop will be on the right square.

    Contributed by: J_E_M 

  5. Infinite Support

    To use this, go to the Tower of Valni and select four pairs of people who you want to have support each other, then start the battle, place the units that you want to have support each other in adjacent spaces and end your turn. Continue ending your turns until your units can support. After you support with all your units retreat from the Tower but DO NOT SAVE. Repeat this process until you have an A-rank suppport with your four pairs of units. Once you are done simply restart the mission you were on, but DO NOT SAVE. If done correctly your units should have no support records in thier stats, but when you go to support conversation in extras the support records will be there. Using this glitch I completed 100% support in a matter of hours.

    Contributed by: BassAndTreble 

  6. Flyers' Triangle Attack

    The Triangle Attack from Fire Emblem 7 is back, but there is a catch to using it this time around. To use it, surround the desired target on three sides with Vanessa, Tana, and Syrene (whom you must safely recruit in Chapter 17), then attack the enemy. For the Triangle Attack to occur, the two supporting flyers _must_ be Falcoknights. This means that you'll have to bite the bullet and promote either Vanessa or Tana into the Falcoknight class as opposed to a Wyvern Knight.

    The benefit to the Triangle Attack is that you'll get a guaranteed critical hit, and thus 3x the normal attacking damage practically whenever you want.

    Contributed by: UltimaterializerX 

  7. Secret Shop (Chapter 14 Eirika Mode)

    After you get the Secret Card, look near the boss. There are two upside down "L" shaped things. On the little part of the one on the left, there is a secret shop. Have someone with the member card in their inventory stop there to acess the shop.

    Contributed by: iammaxhailme 

  8. Unlimited secret books/spears

    When you have cleared chapter 19, go to the Ruins. When you enter retreat and save. then reset the game. If you now enter the ruins, the first wight will carry an secret book. This ONLY work when you have saved while standing on the ruins on the map and reset then.
    If you enter the tower the same way (enter, retreat, save end re-enter) the bonewalker left of the boss will carry an spear.

    NOTE: This doesn't work after you cleared chapter 20

    Contributed by: cubeblast 

  9. Infinite turns on Monster Maps

    In any free map that has damage tiles, kill every monster or unit except for one. Then, position a few of your units alongside the damage tiles, and remove their equipment, either by discarding it, or trading it to somebody else. If it works, the game's Enemy Ai will move the last unit on top of the damage tile. It will then proceed to attack any units it can, until it dies from the damage received by the damage tile.

    Once the creature dies, the glitch activates. Even though there's no enemies left on the map, the game doesn't recognize the last monster as "dead", and the match continues until you either Suspend and Restart, or Retreat from the fight.

    If this occours during the actual story mode, as opposed to a Monster Map, the current chapter will become unbeatable, requiring you to restart the chapter.

    Contributed by: DarkMewtwo 

  10. Restore any item to new condition (including Dragonstone)

    Use the Control Enemy glitch to have a monster with a flashing green "spoils" item in its inventory take the item you want restored from Supply. After making sure that your item is on the bottom of the list and is flashing green as if it were spoils, kill that monster. The monster will drop your item, however it will be totally new.
    This trick can also be used on gorgon eggs, but the first item on the list will dissapear, and you must trade with them again after they hatch to regain the item. This glitch can even restore the Dragonstone.

    Contributed by: c00lman 

  11. Get secret characters

    Beat the game once and play Ex.Map in Extra Mode. They will join in the next battle.

    Code Effect
    Finish the Tower, 3F. Caellach (JP: Keselda) (Class:Hero)
    Finish the Tower, 6F. Orson (JP: Olsen) (Class:Paladin)
    Finish the Tower, 7F. Riev (JP: Alvan) (Class:Bishop)
    Finish the Tower. Ismaire (JP: Ismea) (Class:Sword Master)
    Finish the Tower three times. Selena (JP: Serena) (Class:Mage Knight)
    Finish the Ruins, round 5. Glen (JP: Guren) (Class:Wyvern Lord)
    Finish the Ruins, round 5. Hayden (JP: Heiden) (Class:Ranger)
    Finish the Ruins, round 7. Valter (JP: Walter) (Class:Wyvern Knight)
    Finish the Ruins. Fado (Class:General)
    Finish the Ruins three times. Lyon (JP: Leon) (Class:Necromancer)

    Contributed by: LethalRedArmy 

  12. View Support Conversations Anytime

    After beating the game, go to the main menu and choose extras. You will now be able to view all of the support conversations that you got throughout the game!

    Contributed by: DVDMAN77 

  13. Unlocking characters on Ephraim route.

    Code Effect
    Chapter 9 : Get Ephraim or Franz to talk to her Amelia
    Chapter 10 : Get Ephraim to talk to him Duessel
    Chapter 10 : Get Duessel to talk to him Cormag
    Chapter 11 : Get Ephraim to talk to him L'Arachel
    Chapter 11 : Get L'Arachel to talk to him Dozla
    Chapter 12 : vist the house south of the area Ewan
    Chapter 12 : Get Ewan to talk to her Marisa
    Chapter 13 Gerik
    Chapter 13 Tethys
    Chapter 14 : Get Ephraim or L'Arachel to talk to him.(if you get Ephraim to talk to him you have to give him 10k) Rennac
    Chapter 15 : In turn three Eirika
    Chapter 15 : In three turns Saleh
    Chapter 15 : In three turns Innes
    Chapter 16 Myrrh
    Chapter 17 : talk to her with Tana or Innes Syrene

    Contributed by: fireEkid 

  14. Super Trainee class for Ross, Amelia, and Ewan

    Beat the game twice; once through Eirika's route and the other through Ephraim's route. On your third playthrough, you will have the option of promoting Ross, Amelia, and Ewan into a Super Trainee instead of the two normal options at the appropriate time.

    Contributed by: Super Yamcha 

  15. Unlockable modes

    Beat the game once.

    Code Effect
    Beat the Game Map Mode
    Beat the Game Support Conversation Veiwer

    Contributed by: a_gameboy_sp 

  16. Unlocking charcters in Eirika's Game

    First Column: Name of Unit (Class) (Starting Level)

    Code Effect
    Talk to her in chapter 9 with Franz Amelia (Recruit) (lvl. 1)
    Joins at state of Chapter 9 Tana (Pegasus Knight) (lvl. 4)
    Talk to him with Tana or Eirika in Chapter 10 Innes (Sniper) (lvl. 1)
    Talk to her with Innes in Chapter 10 Tethys (Dancer) (lvl. 1)
    Talk to him with Innes or Tethys in Chapter 10 Gerik (Mercenary) (lvl. 10)
    Talk to her with Gerik in Chapter 10 Marisa (Myrmidon) (lvl. 5)
    Talk to her with Eirika or joins at the end of Chapter 11 L'Arachel (Troubadour) (lvl. 3)
    Talk to him with L'Arachel or joins at the end of Chapter 11 Dozla (Berserker) (lvl. 1)
    Joins at start of Chapter 12 Saleh (Sage) (lvl. 1)
    Talk to Ewan in bottom most house in Chapter 12 with Saleh Ewan (Pupil) (lvl. 1)
    Talk to him with Eirika in Chapter 13 Cormag (Wyvern Rider) (lvl. 11)
    Talk to her with Eirika or Franz if she survived Chapter 9, but you didn't recruit her Ameila (2nd chance) (Recruit) (lvl. 5)
    Talk to him with Eirika (you must pay him) or L'Arachel (recruit for free) in Chapter 14 Rennec (Rogue) (lvl. 1)
    Joins on turn 2 of Chapter 15 Ephraim (Lord) (lvl. 10-15)
    Joins on turn 2 of Chapter 15 Duessel (Great Knight) (lvl. 10)
    Joins on turn 2 of Chapter 15 Knoll (Shaman) (lvl. 10)
    Joins at the start of Chapter 16 Myrrh (Manakete) (lvl. 1)
    Talk to her with Tana or Innes in Chapter 17 (either route) Syrene (Falcoknight) (lvl. 1)

    Contributed by: Link McCloud 

  17. Sound Room Unlockables

    To unlock each of these songs, just listen to them in game.

    Code Effect
    Watch the start-up sequence 01-The Valiant
    Played on the Menu 02-Main Theme
    Watch the story for the Prolouge 03-Prolouge
    Watch the story for the Prolouge 04-The Beginning
    Play through the game on both modes 05-21
    Unknown 22-Twisted Shadows A
    Play through Valni 1 23-Twisted Shadows B
    Unknown 24-Envoy From the Dark
    Select the attack command 25-Attack
    Have an enemy attack you. 26-Defense
    Attack the boss in the Prolouge 27-The Battle Must Be Won
    Attack a major boss (6 generals, Darin0 28-Powerful Foe
    Have Lyon use Naglfar in Final Chapter 29-The Prince's Despair
    Fight the Demon King in Final Chapter 30-The Demon King
    Use one of the Sacred Twin Relics 31-Sacred Strength
    Have Tethys dance 32-Tethys
    Use or have an enemy use a status staff 33-Healing
    Use or have an ememy use a healing staff 34-Curing
    Upgrade a unit 35-To A Higher Place
    Unknown 36-38
    Have Eirika and Ephraim talk in Ch. 8 39-Reunion
    Unknown 40-41
    Played in scenes with L'Arachel 42-Laughter
    Unknown 43-Legacy
    Watch one of the Lyon memories 44-Lyon
    Watch a scene with Demon King Lyon 45-Lost Heart
    Final Chapter? 46-Lyon(Organ Arrangement0
    Start of Final Chapter 47-The Final Battle
    Unknown 48-49
    Recruit a Unit 50-Comrades
    Complete a chapter 51-Victory
    Complete a chapter 52-Into the Shadow of Victory
    Watch the Epilouge 53-Main Theme(Reprise)
    Use the Combat Preparation screen 54-Combat Preparation
    Visit a vendor/shop 55-Shops
    Visit an armory 56-Armories
    View the "Support" page. 57-Bonds
    Link Arena 58-Colosseum Entrance
    Link Arena/In game Arena 59-In the Colosseum
    Win a battle in the Arena 60-Colosseum Victory
    Lose a battle in the Link Arena 61-Colosseum Defeat
    Clear 1 floor of Tower/Ruins 62-Victory Song A
    Watch the Epilouge 69-Epilouge
    Watch the Epilouge 68-Fly with the Breeze
    Watch the Epilouge 67-Victory and the Future
    Clear the entire Tower/Ruins 66-Records
    Character Death 65-In Sorrow's Shroud
    Fail a chapter/Lose a lord 64-Game Over
    Clear the entire Tower/Ruins 63-Victory Song B

    Contributed by: starindyford 

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