This game is pretty amazing

User Rating: 9.1 | Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki GC
This is a pretty wonderul RPG for the gamecube. The gameplay is turn based. You go, then your opponent. You get a variety of people to use. They can change their class once. Such as a mage changing into a sage. There is also a variety of weapons. You can level up in the game and equip skills. It really is a strategic game. The graphics are really good. But you only get the true view of them during the cutscenes, which are really, really sweet. But they don't happen very often...The only other time where you can see good graphics is during the little battle scenes. But it isn't much. The sound is what you would expect. You hear the sounds of weapons slashing in a fantasy way. And some other various sounds.

I feel this is one amazing RPG for the Gamecube. So if you feel you don't have enough RPG's for your gamecube, then get this game.