Uncertainties with Streetpass, need some information.

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Hey there, I've worked Tirelessly to make a streetpass team that people will go "woh" but I've recently read a post that has got me thinking.

Now I live in a fairly small city and non of my friends play Fire Emblem on the 3ds so I'm having a hard time testing doubts.

My Streetpass team uses only my main character, other main characters from saved files I've made to make custom characters from the "Bonus Box > Bonus Teams". I read something about a glitch where if you use say a DLC "Card" character, your team will just come out random to someone else. Is this true? Has all my work been in vein? D: I've fought maybe 6 Fire emblem streetpass teams and most of them seemed to just be starting out and the one or two experienced teams didn't have any special characters. Does anyone know the truth behind this? If it is the truth I don't suppose there's a way to fix it? I want my team to be special, not being clones of others that are fighting me.

Incase you're wondering my team consists of;

Seth - Paladin (Sacred Stones)

Ogma - Hero (Shadow Dragon)

Navarre - Assassin (Shadow Dragon)

Selena - Dark Knight (Sacred Stones)

Norne - Sniper (Shadow Dragon)

Mist - Priestess (Path of Radiance)

X - Grand Master (Main character)

X - Griffon Rider (custom)

X - Dark Flier (custom)

X - Swordmaster (custom)

Thanks for reading, I'd really appreciate the information.

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Still haven't found out! But I'm also wondering if anyone has come in contact with someone who uses other Avatars. Like his own and then others. I'd like to make sure that's possible before I come up with a team that doesn't have DLC characters. thanks!