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Anyone else miss the versatile soldier/halberdier/sentinel class tree from PoR and RD? like a myrmidon but with lances and better defense... what with the massive number of classes in awakening, i wonder why they were excluded.

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I don't really miss the halberdier/soldier. It's possible to get several high lords and the villagers are really strong as well.
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It's possible to get several high lords and the villagers are really strong as well.One-Error
It's only possible to get two great lords, and the villager class has stat caps at 20 and is male only. I miss the soldier/halberdier class.  :(

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ive literally been saying the same thing... nephnee and arran and even devand. Sentinel class was awesome
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I also miss the soldier line from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. I mean the soldier class already exists in the game so why not make it playable?Also, I was disappointed in another 3 things as well: 1)There is only 1 stage in promotions. I really like the fact that you can chose to upgrade in one of two classes in awakening but I also liked the fact that promoted classes could promote further in Radiant Dawn and I really miss that. 2)Many characters from older games don't have their original classes or skills. For example black knight with eclipse. I liked that character and that skill so much :(. And even though I can kind of understand why they would do that, why not give characters like eirika or ephraim the lord/great lord classes? I mean they already exist in the game and all... 3)Weapons types like knives and light tomes are not present in this game. Why not have light tomes when the book of naga exists in the game? I don't know about the other weapon types but light tomes SHOULD have been present in this game imo. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way...