It's portable Final Fight. What else do you want?

User Rating: 8.7 | Final Fight One GBA
When I heard about the idea of Game Boy Advance several years ago, it was described as a 'portable SNES'. Instantly, the thought crossed my mind of playing some of my favorite SNES games again, or maybe have some of them re-done and touched up a bit. That's exactly what's been done with Final Fight One, which is a lot more true to the arcade game than it is the SNES game from 1990. Everyone by know exactly what the game is and what it entails. The question is, did they pull it off for GBA? The answer is, hell yeah they did. Not only has the game transitioned perfectly, they added some hilariously goofy cut-scenes before every boss battle, complete with dialogue like "I will beat your face in!" followed by "Shut up!". The game as a whole feels a lot more... Capcom-ish, with updated artwork, graphics and menu screens. But the gameplay is the same old Final Fight, and I couldn't be happier.

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