If you are a fan of the arcade game or beat-em up action games you will enjoy Final Fight One.

User Rating: 8.3 | Final Fight One GBA
Final Fight One is classic late '80's early '90's arcade side scrolling beat-em up action. The story is simple, the mayor's daughter get kidnapped and it's your job to get her back. You can chose from three characters, Cody, Guy, and mayor Haggar.

Gameplay is simple, you make you way through the games six levels beating up all who get in your way and fighting a final boss at the end of the level. In this version they added short but cool cut scenes before each boss fight which is a nice touch. There are also short bonus levels where you get to smash up a car or break glass windows. There is a time limit and you get bonus points for how much damage you made. This game is short, it only took me a few hours to beat the game will all the characters. There is also a save feature which is nice, no more starting all over if you shut the game off.

The graphics look great, I had Final Fight on SNES and it looks much better on the GBA. The characters move very smoothly and are detailed. The backgrounds arn't really anything special but you won't be looking at them when you fighting off three enemys.

The sound is good, punches and kicks sound good and the background music sounds like it's from the '80's.

Overall this game is alot of fun and will bring back memories of playing the arcade or SNES game.