The best RPG of all time!

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy NES
Final Fanatsy started it all. One of the first RPG that involved a party of characters as opposed to one lonely warrior roaming the land trying to kill the monster and save the princess. FF was one of the best games Nintendo ever did. Of course, I never knew about this game during the height of Nintendo, it wasn't until a college roommate let me borrow the game in my college years did I know of this game. My entire freshman year in college was spent listening to Throwing Muses' "University" album and playing Final Fantasy on my little 13 inch TV. What a game. It's that simple. I could play this game for hours on end and never get bored or frustrated. The plot was great, the characters were cool, the graphics were perfect (for the time) and the music was just as good. I was most impressed with the plot and story behind this game. Just when you think you have what you need, it's only part of something greater and better. The game interaction was done great, with the turn based interface that easy to understand and fun to manage. Your party of four is created by you from a number of different classes. Black mage, red mage, white mage, warrior, black belt, and theif you create what type of party you want to play the game. You can purchase weapons and armor specific for each character and upgrade and pruchase spells with your mages. The interface for dealing with armor, weapons, spells, and items is very easy and straightforward. You have the ability to sell itmes back, or equipment them on other members in your party. As with any RPG building up the XP can be tedious. I got tired of fighting giants for hours at a time to increase levels and get gold to buy better weapons and armor. Anyway, if you love RPG games, get this one, it started it all.