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Seriously?........Like.......Seriously? What in the blue hell happened at Square? Did the ceo like get a dog that chomped off his balls? Cause the last like....8 games have sucked so badly its not even funny.....Now, I realize that games have to change and become more modern and such but to take something like final fantasy and turn it into a fighting game.....I am.....I am speechless at how absolutely pointless this is. Final Fantasy used to be about thought-provoking, well put together, EASY TO USE, brilliantly written videogames that you could play OVER AND OVER AND OVER (literally, I have played 7 like 40 times) but now.....with this whole first person crap it takes away from the whole team aspect. Its retarded. And I dont use that word lightly. I am not saying it has to be 16 bit (although that would be kinda cool using a storyline from like modern day and 16 bit?) but at least attempt at making a half decent, follow-able, story line without 17 different worlds with names I can neither pronounce nor remember. I am miss the good old days (which I know, sounds stupid to say). I wish someone would listen......can you imagine taking a game like 7 and adding all the story features they have now? Same graphics (well, maybe a little bit better but not much) but a story like they use to have....with the crystals and stuff and updated language? That would be so bad ass. Smarten up Square, you could be making a shi*-ton more money than you are now.
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I actually dont mind. This game looks crazy awesome.AND Square Enix only started making bad games after FF10 get you facts straight dude.
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yeah, maybe you hate it but I like it. Eagerly anticipating it actually.
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@MrGarretJonLee: first person?

The game is a third person action/rpg. It borrows elements from both genres and mashes them together. If you want to know how the game will play just go play kingdom hearts.

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i agree with MrGarretJonLee. and the following is a copy and past i posted in 2 other ff15 forum topic's.

i miss the lagitamit final fantasy through final fantasy 9 where they DID NOT try and make almost/compleatly, everyone, and everything, and act like real life, or (in 15)knock off's of other game's/movie's/t.v. serie's.

for example, in 15 trailer's i've seen, not only dose it seem like it play's like hitman, ghost recon, grand theft auto,and other shooter/stealth game's, but they've gone and ripped off pokemon monster's, fable creature's, defiance landscape/creature's, godzilla serie's monster's, among other's.

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@gehwesij: Hitman, Ghost Recon and Grand Theft Auto? Wtf. Those 3 games all play completely different from each other.

Everything you just wrote is like me saying apples suck because they borrow elements from strawberries, oranges and bananas.

Also all the enemy models look consistent with how they have looked all through the Final Fantasy franchise. I could immediately name all the enemies they showed. So I'm not sure where you're getting this idea they stole all the enemies from other games and movies

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@MrGarretJonLee: I agree - a petition has been sent up to change FFXV, just like Tabata wanted:

"Q: Is it being simplified for casual users? Is is still an action RPG?

A: In order to widen its appeal, we’re developing the game aware that anyone can immediately be able to play it, however the game as a whole is not casual. Because it’s a core game, we have casual controls. If you obtain good weapons and level up, you won’t have to worry about clearing the main scenarios.

Q: Will you listen to feedback from the demo version?

A: We want to reference your feedback during development, but how we’re going to do that is still under review."

I know the petition link is if anyone is interested in joining? But I totally agree, no longer like the classic FF games.