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Seriously?........Like.......Seriously? What in the blue hell happened at Square? Did the ceo like get a dog that chomped off his balls? Cause the last like....8 games have sucked so badly its not even funny.....Now, I realize that games have to change and become more modern and such but to take something like final fantasy and turn it into a fighting game.....I am.....I am speechless at how absolutely pointless this is. Final Fantasy used to be about thought-provoking, well put together, EASY TO USE, brilliantly written videogames that you could play OVER AND OVER AND OVER (literally, I have played 7 like 40 times) but now.....with this whole first person crap it takes away from the whole team aspect. Its retarded. And I dont use that word lightly. I am not saying it has to be 16 bit (although that would be kinda cool using a storyline from like modern day and 16 bit?) but at least attempt at making a half decent, follow-able, story line without 17 different worlds with names I can neither pronounce nor remember. I am miss the good old days (which I know, sounds stupid to say). I wish someone would listen......can you imagine taking a game like 7 and adding all the story features they have now? Same graphics (well, maybe a little bit better but not much) but a story like they use to have....with the crystals and stuff and updated language? That would be so bad ass. Smarten up Square, you could be making a shi*-ton more money than you are now.
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I actually dont mind. This game looks crazy awesome.AND Square Enix only started making bad games after FF10 get you facts straight dude.
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yeah, maybe you hate it but I like it. Eagerly anticipating it actually.
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@MrGarretJonLee: first person?

The game is a third person action/rpg. It borrows elements from both genres and mashes them together. If you want to know how the game will play just go play kingdom hearts.