Way to ruin the entire experience

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Just played the last dungeon for the first time with a bunch of speed runners who had no communication and left me and the 2 other first timers behind at every turn. Then they laugh at us for getting carried because we watched the cutscenes while the took out bosses. What a horrible exp to ruin the game. There needs to be a speed run option so people like this don't ruin the game for everyone else. This is my first mmo and most likely my last. So thanks for nothing speed running assholes. It's like watching The Lord of the rings with a friend and they fast forward the entire last disc of return of the king because THEY'VE already scene it. Why do people have to suck so bad? I seriously feel like a 1 in a million type of person because I'm kind and considerate.

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Also what's with pvp? Why does everyone just run In circles? I want to fight not play tag.