Predict GameSpot's score

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With the recent patches and whatnot I'm going with an 8.  

They don't do .5 incriments anymore (if they did I would put this at 8.5), I don't see them giving the game an editor's choice 9.0 rating or giving the game a 7.0

8 seems like a pretty safe bet.

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without .5 the game is either a perfect 10 or not as good as Gone Home.... GS's new system is whack.

#3 Posted by Kal036 (705 posts) -

My prediction : 7.0.

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IMO, I would give it a 8.5. This game is amazing with a few buddies and I always got stuff to do. 

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You win!
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You win!xiayan
Yay! The competition was stiff..