Looking to join a Free Company

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Is a Fre Company basically equivalent to a Guild on WoW? I am kind of under that impression. Maybe a little different but on the same basic idea? I am a lv 19 Conjurer of realm Sargatanas and I'm looking to join a Free Company and start finding a group of people on my server with whom I can get to know and play with frequently! Just send me a message if you're on the same server as me and want to add me to friends even if you are not in a FC that is recruiting!
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As a conj, you should have no shortage of invites ....

You have to talk to people in game though. Don't join one that a player is shoutign out in the chart on the server, they are usually pointless ...

When you go through dungeons ask in the party chat if anyone is part of one and what their aim is. End of game content? Raids?