cant register beta code

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i follow their instructions but everytime i put in my beta code it jumps be back to the beta login page and after i log in i have to put my beta key in again. It just keeps going in circles. Also when i click the link to download the game it says my service account is not registered. So i go to the management page and it says code registration currently unavailable. I am confused as to what i am supposed to do now :(
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I had to make sure that i'd been to select service once i'd logged into Square.

Hope that's the only thing stopping you.

Client download from here:

also looking for a ps3 code to swap for a pc one if anyone is willing to trade? pm me

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hey i follow their instructions on registering the beta code, then it brings me to the square enix login page and after i log in it wants me to do the beta key thing again and it just keeps going in circles