Beware: The Cult of Yoshi

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Anyone else feel they need to start a datacenter in Jonestown for A Realm Stillborn just for the Cult of Yoshi?  The creepy, uncritical "do no wrong" cult of peronsality rising up around this guy, never in all my years of gaming have I seen anything like it.  It's like Stockholme Syndrome en masse.

They are hanging everything on the "Third Coming" but what if third time isn't the charm?  Better put his fans on suicide watch and hide the kool aid and arsenic because if Wednesday fails then they will either double down and parrot whatever excuse he provides them or they will be committing mass suicide.

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It's like the return of Hale Bopp.  I hope the Cult of Yoshi has their Nikes ready by Tuesday or else the Messiah Yoshi-P won't beam their souls up to Final Fantasy Heaven with the rest of the True Believers.