I cant believe this is a Final Fantasy game....please consider reading this before you spend money on it...

User Rating: 6 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
I've been playing the JP version (I know jp fluently), and I got really disappointed. I LOVE the Final Fantasy series, and I completely understand what FF players enjoy in the series, and FF13 will make many ppl sad.
I havent finished the game yet, but Its been almost 25 hours of gameplay, and I can tell you....the game is EXTREMELY linear. There are no cities so far to explore, you only get to go thru dungeons, cutscene,fight a boss, custscence, run, custscene x 20. There are no more stores....you only have a "store" option in the save point and thats it. How about optional quests to earn money and just have fun? How about the traditional mini games? Nothing. I swear! Did you enjoy exploring cities, get your airship or whatever to fly around the world? There is no such thing anymore....!!!!!Ride a chocobo? It takes at least 20 hours to do so....
Fighting system is also....bad...do u know how you win ANY battle? Go smash the attack button and u r done, no strategy needed. After every battle you are healed, so challenges are zero. I guess Square doesnt know how to make a FF game anymore, we all love the beautiful CG custcenes, and nice story, but we know thats not all that makes an awesome FF game. The FF13 plot is acceptable, and custcenes are beautiful, but then why not make a movie of it instead of a game?
The game music is good....but I guess It didnt save the game....I dont know what to say anymore except that Im very frustrated, Im a FF lover, I couldnt wait to get my hands on this game....and this is what i get.....oh well.