Great looks, easy battle system and sadly a very weak story.

User Rating: 7 | Final Fantasy XIII PS3
In this review i will talk about final fantasy 13. A game made by square enix and came out in 2010.
It took me a while before i picked this game up because i was really sceptical(all because of the trailer containing to much drama).
And i needed to play a real big amount of time before i could review the game.

The review is as followed: starting with an introduction, gameplay (5), graphics (2), story(3), how much time you will spend on this game(maybe an extra credit) and a conclusion.

I have played the ps3 version of the game and i guess the 360 version is the same experience. I am familiar with Japanese rpgs and have played some earlier editions of the final fantasy series.

What makes a good game for me is the core gameplay. In this edition of final fantasy the battle system took a new approach. It is more fast paced and simplified. In my opinion the battle system is to easy. You can win a battle simply by only pressing the x button. Only in some occasions you need to know what you are doing.

You take control off one character at the time and switch between roles in a battle for your whole party. The roles contain special abilities that decide your strategy. First few chapters you can not decide which character you play with.
Later in the game you will have the freedom of selecting your party.
This is resulting in having no real main character, instead you will have 6 main characters.

Leveling up in this game is also done differently. It is kind of like the sphere grid used in FF10. Only with no freedom at all. The leveling up system in this game really sucks. As a rpg gamer that likes level grinding this was a huge disappointment. You can not even max out your characters before fighting the final boss!

After beating the final boss the game becomes challenging, which is really sad.

3/5 points

Let me start by saying this game looks amazing. The graphic designers did a great job so kudos to them! This game truly pushes to power of this generation consoles.

2/2 points

In this final fantasy the drama is everywhere. At the start of the game someone important kind of dies(turns to crystal) and the game expects you to "feel" for the characters. I skipped almost every scene in the game except for the action scenes. Of all the final fantasy games i played this one has the worst story.

1/3 points

How much time will you spend on this game.
It all depends on what kind of person you are.
If you have a lot of patience like me you will play this game for a long time.
Because the real game starts after beating the final boss! which is achievable after 30 hours. And you must sit through all of the drama!

After beating the final boss, there are enough missions for you to beat and weapons/items to craft. These missions are challenging and fun unlike the story crap. In total i have spend over 200 hours to this game despite all the negative view points.

This game deserves the extra credit of 1/1 point.

If you like final fantasy and do not mind drama (or skip everything like me :P). this game could be enjoyable for you. The game really starts after beating the final boss and there is lots to do.

my grade to for this game is:
and the extra credit of 1 point makes 7

*Side note: Previous final fantasy i have played are ff8,ff9 and ff10. Some final fantasies i did play but dropped after a couple of hours were ff10-2, ff12 and ff9 (i was stuck in ff9 at disk 2 did not know were to go).

Do not sell anything in this game!!!! It will haunt you!!