Fast gil and cp farming

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if your in orphan cradle find 7 sacrifice at the 3 warps, just kill all 7 sacrifice and it will drop 50% because all you see is sacrifice enemies so its not possible not to drop a 2 or 3 perfume on 1 battle. Why???? because 4 sacrifice and 3 sacrifice so 7 sacrifice all in all. I have 50 perfume in 1 hour. if you have the fast kill in 1 hour. And also rare item sell cost of 7,000. to re spawn just warp anywhere and warp again back to orphan cradle to bring back sacrifice all 7 of them..... farm Perfume by killing sacrifice to drop perfume cost sell 12,500 and Scarlatti 7,000 and equip collection catalog 3. Try it for me its the easy way to farm.
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doesnt work