(spoilers) is there going to be a sequel?

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most likely yea

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I definitly enjoyed the story! Would love to see another sequal

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Maybe, maybe not.

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i hope there is
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Nothing is confirmed atm,but considering that without a sequel the story would be clearly incomplete it's almost certain that there will be a FFXIII-3,especially since Light's DLC should be the last one and from what i could understand it's not an ending at all (it probably will be some sort of introduction for FFXIII-3 imo)
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If you'll remember what they said about the Lightning DLC is that it shows the battle that took place, between Lightning and Caius, after Noel went to find Sarah. So, no, this is not an ending, in fact, this is a new beginning (Thus "Next Prologue") to the current game.

I still think there is going to be a sequel, but not because the DLC.

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Ehm,actually this DLC is more an introduction for FFXIII-3 than FFXIII-2.......
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i'm under the impression that Pulse and Coccoon are doomed, because Chaos has been released into the world.

I mean only two characters from the original party in XIII survived.


Light turns to crystal to presever the memory of serah and protect what her sister did

Fang and Vanile remain crystalized after they were removed from the pillar

Snow begame a l'cie again therefore at one point he either succeeded his focus and turned to crystal or became a C'eith Now I haven't beet his Story DLC so I don't know but I'm just guessing here.

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SPOILERS!!!! Ehm,Lightning awakens at the very end,so like i was saying "Requiem of the Goddess" is basically the introduction for FFXIII-3 where Lightning almost surely will have to "defeat chaos" and save the world.
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i mean if it says "to be continued..." theyre prbly gonna continue it lol


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unfortunately yes