I can't beat Gilgamesh on Easy... Help?

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Yeah, I feel pathetic for this but I can't even beat gilgamesh on easy e.e... I'd appreciate any advice. Dunno what items to use, I messed up my chichu because I messed with him early on in the game before beating the game and being able to farm over 100k with a single battle. I have all the DLC and I've gotten all the character drops other than Valfodr and Gilgamesh. (Btw can you get a Valfodr crystal from a lvl 1 Valf?) I'd appreciate any advice. My main monsters are as follows Cloudburst - RAV Chichu - COM Lightning - RAV Yakshini - SYN Pupu - MED Green Chocobo - MED Nabaat - SAB Thanks >.
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always save your game before infusing anything, because what youre going to end up with isnt always apparent. that way, you can just re-load, if youre not happy with the result. its alot easier than releasing & revisiting areas that specific monsters spawn, just to do it all over again, imo.