Giant Flan

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Is there anyway to fight the giant flan again after you beat him i weakend him the first time now i want to fight him again so i can open the paradox ending any help would be appreciated

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You have to fight him again to get the paradox ending.  I would wait until you have seriously leveled up.  Make sure to have a medic and sentinel in your group.  You can never stagger him so try for commando style combos.  I used the odin weapons which level up with the more fragments you acquire.  Once your party has seriously leveled up, the giant flan (royal ripeness is the official name) is not that hard to beat.  Just watch your health.  You might need to bring some wound potions.  Good luck.

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You'll need to have the Gate Seal for the Sunleth Waterscape as well as the Paradox Scope ability that you can get from that one lady in Serendipity. Seal the Gate to the Sunleth Waterscape, activate Paradox Scope and fight the Giant Flan. Once you defeat him with Paradox Scope activated, you'll unlock a Paradox Ending.
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You have to beat the game first, then you get the paradox scope
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im guessing its a matter of "come back later when youre stronger" type of thing? the first battle he wasnt too tough. 2nd time, right there @ the water-whatever level (yellow exclamation mark objective) he wiped out my party in 2 or 3 attacks (belch, look the fook out!!!) that was with 66% poison resistance rings... for all. ...guessing youre also going to need the strongest verion of vigilance as well; considering the nasty wounding attack. the only reason i know this, the librascope, not like i lived long enough to experience it first hand. ;)