Final Fantasy XIII-3 confirmed!

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Square enix admits that they are greedy and are rolling out a third installment into the final fantasy xiii universe. "Wee at Sqwae Enixxu, rike mani! wee wunt lots and lotsu mani! thatisu wai mista Nobuo Uematsu and Hironobu Sakaguchi san reft ass, they reft ass bicass they make gamingu foa passionu desu. Jokes on youseru, but taht okai you will bai agun but this thime with many many many dlc-seru. *Haw Haw Haw* Wee makea gameu foa mani, very lotsa mani desu, soa Finaru Fantashi Saruteen Tsu only has a hafa contentsu, teh otha halfu is foa Saruteen Sree, hai we makingu XIII-3, arigato."
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I hope they kill Lightning in this new game. WE WANT VERSUS.
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I hope they kill Lightning in this new game. WE WANT VERSUS.LionHeart48
Another Versus fanboy usual. Honestly, you guys are crazy. You romp around on other XIII forums to complain about Versus not being released yet, but here's some info for your impaired brain: the Kingdom Hearts development team is in charge of VXIII, not the FF team. *GASP*
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Still, it has "Final Fantasy" in the name. And yes, "versus" looks way more promising. The FF13 serie is a good way to make money for squeenix but it's far from that good. The battle system is nice, but the story is okay on the best. I still buy them on launch day and finish them (and pretty much all the trophies), but it's still not super good. FF13-2 was pretty much only about side quests, and there were, most of the time, only asking you to find something in a specific place/dimension. Some were really nice, I agree, and the main story was nice, but really short (most of the time it's side story). I still can't wait for versus, it looks marvelous, it's looking like the game I've waited for all my life. I'll get a platinum on it, wathever is the difficulty and time needed to complete it! ^_^
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I can't say XIII and XIII-2 were my favorites in the series, but i'm ready for something new.. Even though it is going to be XIII-3, I'm looking forward to it coming out this year... I've only one Ceith Stone mission to complete in XIII (final mission) and I currently have 158/160 fragments in XIII-2 (Monster Hunter/Defeat Yomi left to complete)... Both XIII and XIII-2 were good in their own ways.. nothing compared to IV, VI, VII and X.. but they were still a lot of fun to play and explore.. My only knock on XIII-2 would be the whole paradox scope element, closing/opening gates, replaying areas for different endings..
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I want Vanille to return alongside with Serah