FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 DLC Round Up Day 3 Contest

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For the third day of giveaways for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 we're launching a multi-site contest to run through the weekend! More information available soon, so keep an eye on this thread!

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Cool. Can't wait!

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Have you been following the Square Enix Members coverage for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2? Have you heard your friends talk about the game, its improved quest system, the interactive events, and the massive replay value? Did you play FINAL FANTASY XIII and are eager now to try this new chapter!? Over this weekend we?ll be giving away 10 copies of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. We do, however, want to make sure these babies go to a good home?that?s where you come in. In order to win a copy we need you to describe in XIII-2 words (or 13 words to be precise) why you?re looking to make FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 your next gaming challenge. You can post your response in exactly 13 words (no more, no less) to qualify, and also be sure you let us know which console you want to play on (PS3 or Xbox 360, only choose one). Feel free to post your response on anyone of our 5 contest venues, IGN, Neogaf, Gamespot, the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Facebook Page, or on twitter using the #iwantFFXIII2. You can post multiple times, but only one entry per site will be accepted. The most convincing responses will win the standard edition of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. Also, two lucky users, chosen by ?hidden? criteria, may win the Collector?s Edition of the game! Thanks for entering, and good luck!




a. Go to

for official contest rules.

b. This is an Internet-only contest.

c. All submissions must be sent through (, (, Neogaf forum (, Facebook ( or Twitter (

d. Modified entries will be disqualified.

e. Contest starts May 18, 2012 and ends May 21, 2012; all entries must be received by May 21, 2012 at 11:59pm PST.

f. Entrant (or if a Minor, entrant?s parent or legal guardian) must agree to these official rules.

g. Entrant must be a legal resident of the U.S., Canada (excluding Quebec) or Mexico and must be 13 years old or older.

h. Entrant must have a corresponding account in good standing and observe any terms available at the corresponding sites.

i. Use of name, age, and other information for purpose of advertising and publicity only. Any information missing may disqualify the entry.


a. Entries will be judged on composition, creativity and inspiration.

b. Winners will be announced on or about May 25, 2012.

c. (10) Ten Grand Prize Winners.

d. (10) Second Place Winners

e. A possible (2) Winners, if the ?secret criteria? is met.

D. PRIZES Approximate value:

a. (5) Grand Prize winners will receive a PS3 version of the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 game (approximate retail value $60.00 USD)

b. (5) Grand Prize winners will receive an XBOX 360 version of the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 game (approximate retail value $60.00 USD)

c. (10) Second Place winners will receive a FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 poster (approximate retail value $10.00 USD)

d. (1) Secret Criteria winner will receive a PS3 Collector?s Edition copy of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 (approximate retail value $80.00 USD)

e. (1) Secret Criteria winner will receive an XBOX 360 Collector?s Edition copy of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 (approximate value $80.00 USD)

E. SUBMISSION: All submissions must be uploaded online through,, Neogaf forum, the official FFXIII-2 Facebook site, or the SQEX_MEMBERS_NA twitter account (hashtag #iwantFFXIII2).

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I don't understand why people say XIII was bad. Xbox 360 version, please!

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"Because Lightning is the single best female character in Final Fantasy history ever!" - for CE!

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Lightning is pink, Crystarium is metal But enough Eidolons I'm gonna ride chocobos!
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 I have always loved the Final Fantasy series and would love to play! PS3 Please!

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so i can give to a friend who cant afford it right now#iwantFFXIII2 on 360(i forgot to put the console i wanted on that twitter post i just posted)

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Despite its many flaws, I enjoyed XIII. Its battle system is my favorite.


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Final Fantasy made me realize the power of dreams, nothing can stop it. PS3.
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My journey has only begun. Allow me to find Lightening and save Cocoon. (Xbox 360)
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Sign me up - I want to kick monster butt with an adorable moogle!
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I think I can gas 'em up with greens and ride those chocobos! (PS3)
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We saw Lightning fight fate I want to know how Serah saves it. (360)
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To immense myself into the story and experience all the emotions they feel xbox360
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I want to continue where the original Final Fantasy XIII left off at


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Because I must save Serah, Lightning, Hope, Yuel and Noel from the future! 360
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Can't let Vanille and Fang down, they saved us, now we save them. (ps3)
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Valhalla consumes the sky, flashes like lightning twinkles distant hope Xbox 360 please!
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Heroes, past, present, and future. We accept challenges to better this New World. (360)
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I'm pIIaying FFXIII IVow, bVt, I'VIe VIImost finVIIIshed IX. Xhe SequXI shoXIId ruXIII! (PS3)
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It is my focus to save the world from ultimate destruction once again. (PS3)
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So I can ride chocobos all across the plains of the Archylte Steppe. (PS3)
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Having Final Fantasy XIII-2 will expand my crystarium to its very last level. (PS3)
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Precious as a crystal, I would travel through time to continue this story! (PS3)
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Branded as a l'Cie, it is my focus to complete every final fantasy. (PS3)
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My focus is to win this contest for my friend; no cieth, please! (PlayStation 3 if I win would be wonderful u w u)
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Had the prizes been sent yet?