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Hi, Online Crystarium guides advise to level up roles in a certain order. But lets say I will use Noel as com and Serah for rav almost always. Isnt it better to get Noel lvl 99 for commando and start levelling other roles afterwards? Same for Serah with ravager role etc? Thanks,
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It depends on your play style, but I did the same thing.  Then I worked on leveling Noel as a medic and assorted ones for Serah.  I think the way you described it should be sufficient.  Good luck.

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The large nodes give you a bonus depending on what role you are increasing level. If you hit a large node with com you will gain strength, etc. Some roles give different large node role bonuses that depend upon whether the role being increased is at an odd or even level. So if you want your characters maxed out you gotta get the strength or magic bonuses you want every time you hit a large node.
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ive been mixing up roles, going for variety without repeating similar abilities, among different characters, whenever possible. using monsters packs to fill in the gaps of the roles my main characters arent leveled in, at all. (medic) sareh is like my ravager/sabateur & noel is my commando/ synergist. they both have levels of sentinel/ ravager/ commando, where they werent already mentioned. no levels of sabateur for noel & no levels of synergist for sareh. it proabably would have been better to specialize from the beginning, im just having too much fun this way however. i love monster paradigm packs. what an awesome idea this was. you can actually have completely different monsters packs, for each saved paradigm deck. thats pretty neat as well. i highly recommend leveling cait sith to like 20, then infusing him with a level 20+ Spiranthes. you get the improved cure and curse resitance from CS (with the bonus medic capabilities from the crystarium chart) combined with the improved raise & rare item drop rate from Spiranthes . im finding tons of improved monster, monster improving items and rare drops! of course there are alot of good infusing techniques, this ones my favorite because i dont have a dedicated medic, as i think i mentioned earlier.