The game that opened a new era of both graphic and gameplay it will eat your hardware and ask for more...

To start with GOOD side of the game ...Visual style ...absolutely outstanding visuals, using both DX9 and DX10 with support for VistaX64. Hardware need ...hell yes, but considering what you will get with certain upgrades on your PC you cant loose with Crysis. Gameplay speaks for itself, switching your suit mods you can get stealth for your enemies, strenght for braking doors and jumping high or speed up your movement ...Koreans, and later in the game ...Aliens, will spice this game even more ...although, the part with aliens make 70% of the game ...shame for us "non alien likers".
Sounds are simply beautiful and they fit perfectly in the atmosphere of certain moments in the game.
BAD side of the game comes with SHORT singleplayer campaign, and game seams to drop to some really bad framerates, depends of the level you play (later in the game and end level) no matter what system you use for playing. I tested this game on both 8800 gtx and 2900 xt with duo core proccessors and 4 gb of ram and i can tell for sure ...this game CANT! be set to VERY HIGH (options) on higher resolutions ...so, optimization of Crysis isnt made well, sadly.