This game is awosome and every one must play it.

This game is probably the most action packed game of this century overall after you finish the game you will have killed at least 20 000 enemy's, from wild animals like the cannox or the very scary and strong drexl to invisible assassins and whole numbers of jedi and sith who try to kill you, the game takes a very weird turn for the worst close to the end and some allies turn out to be not so friendly.
When you complete the game you will have done about 30 hours of playing and you will have to play it again to see what happens if you go to the light rather than to the dark.
one tip is that i would advise choosing a certain way to go very early on because when you get to level 15 you will be able to choose an advanced class but you cannot do this if you are still in the middle so you must be very light or dark then you can gain the better levels then you can focus on using the force or weapon techniques that are all helpful in different ways.
i hope you enjoy this game it is a very well made game but there can be problems with bugs in the game that make it close automatically and you will lose all you unsaved data so save often.