Not bad, but missing many key features a shooter should have.

The good: Campaign is fun, good use of the Wii-mote

The bad: missing any sort of multi-player, story does not get you connected

If you played this back in November 2006 the first thing you would notice would be the control. This was the first game to use the Wii-mote in this way, and they did it very successfully. Rowing you boat is intuitive and aiming is spot on. The only part of the control that i have a complaint with is both aspects of hand to hand combat it just seams weird. Melee seams kind of pointless to have it motion sensitive, because you don't have enough time to react in the way it wants you to. Luckily they made an alternative way of using melee. The one control function that you use when someone gets up in your face. its not very responsive and this entire sequence feels like it could have been left out.

The sound for this game is great, the graphics not so much. A lot of textures are blurry and a lot of the character models are blocky. For a Wii launch title they are acceptable, but they wont wow anyone.

The campaign is fun, but they never don't do anything to get you to care about what happens in the story. In fact it does not feels like cared about the story too much at all. You follow multiple groups of people, and you never spend a significant amount of time with any of the particular groups to make you care what happens to them. The main point of this game is to just show you the battles which isn't all that bad, but one of the great things about this series was the way it brought you in and made you care. That just is not present in this one.

A huge disappointment about this game is how short it is. The single player campaign will take you roughly ten hours and then thats it. there is no Multi-player online or offline, and if you paid the full fifty dollars for this one you are going to feel a bit robbed, but at this point it is worth picking up from the bargain bin. Its a good game it just doesn't do anything all that different besides the controls. Now that its been a year and a half since Wii came out that isn't all that attractive, so buy with caution.