I played in the past and loved it and will be buying again shortly for 360, love this game! highly addictive for ff fans

User Rating: 8.5 | Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection 2008 X360
I played this game in 2003 and got as far as having an advanced job within the game and then went on to raising that job to level 40 before having to quit for work related reasons.
I think this game is truly immersive and addicive as it forces you to work with other players and make friends that you can say in touch with in order to progress your way through the game. A lot of people say that this game is slow moving and annoying. People who say this tend to have played other mmorpgs like warcraft thus used to being able to go around solo and not worrying to much about being agro`d since they can just run away or what not.

But that thats where final fantasy differs and where the fact that your forced to work with others comes in to play. Personally since this game was desiged for this reason i would rather have team mates and play and talk with others whilst fighting monsters than just grinding alone and getting bored.
That being said it is a really specific game and the level of enjoyment is truly down to the individual, i think youll either get bored and sick of this game very quickly or do the opposite and grow on you like crazy and starts to consume all your social life lol.

Whether you decide to give this game a shot or not just remember the facts.
1. like a lot of things it takes time at first to get around the learning curve and get to grips with how do simple things and just getting by.

2. it can only get better, this game unfolds and does have a pretty good story should you choose to pursue it with four expansions with missions zones and new jobs you have literally days maybe months of goal driven gaming!

3. Playing with other gamers on such a well known and widley played game like this means learning the tricks and tips to gain levels very quickly, thus dispelling the idea of this game being slow and hard to progress. beacause experience is progress on this game so the more friends you have, the more your going to enjoy everything you do in vana`diel!

And to finish, in a nutshell the idea is not to be a stranger/solo legend because its not really an option in this game, it was never the makers plan...
so with that in mind buy with the right intentions and enjoy!