honestly the best spiderman game

This game is awsome, just plain fun with great replay value, either just zooming around the streets or replaying it once you've beaten it why ign and hopefully not gamespot gave it a bad review is unknown...ign:5.5/10 me:9.0/10

zooming around the streets is my personal favorite, and swicthing through the costume in mid air combat is great,artwork of the game is beautifull,and it offers some replay value,as in you can (again) zoom around the streets, battle random thugs, repeat the game with a fresh new experence every time you play, and to me its the best spiderman game to date,venom is just kick-ass in it...black suit is for srong attacks while red is for more movement,just buy it, and trust me,a fan of spiderman (not really him,but the games)that this is a great game....

(this part is just so can post this danm thing)
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