A game that rips off GTA should be better than this.

The Simpsons hit and run game looked SO much better in the trailers and movies. But the gameplay could be so much better, same with the story line. *SPOILER* this game only has 7 levels with 7 missions in each for the main story. 49 main story missions. The missions are really easy and before you know it you see the ending movie. I borrowed this from a friend and I was so excited. But 2 days later of a small amount of time in each, i finished it. So I thought "well maybe playing around would be fun trying to get 100% done. ITS IS SO BORING!!!!!!!! Without the missions there to bring up the excitement just a little, it is just a downright waste of time to just make you bored of it until you sell it. Here's a tip, borrow the game or try to rent it for a very cheap price. Or don't get it whatsoever and wait for the next simpsons game and hope for the best.