This latest installment of TIger Woods Golf is good, but falls just short of being the "truly great game" it could be.

Every year, I look forward to EA's release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour. This year, I was a bit skeptical of the new "dual analog" controls, or "Shot Shaping," as they call it. Unfortunately, I was correct in my initial response of the new controller setup. The new controller layout is extremely difficult to use with any sort of accuracy. After all, how can someone pull back on the left analog stick while rapidly pressing the L1 button (for power boost), and accurately adjust the right analog stick to change the point of impact on the ball, all while attempting to keep your shot straight and time your shot perfectly. I found it to be nearly impossible. Luckily, you are given the option to switch between using the left and right analog sticks as your club controller, so I was able to once again use the right stick to swing the club. As for the "shot shaping" stick on the left...I just don't use it at all.
Another major flaw in the game is the fact it seemed to be rushed to market. I found a wide variety of bugs and glitches in the game that should have been caught during the beta testing phase. For instance, the in-game commentary is often wrong (which is nothing new...), but winning every tournament ends with "Now TIed For The Lead!!!", regardless of your score. I was also allowed to advance in several "rival mode" events, even though I did not meet the qualifications to win. And finally, what is the deal with the new handicapping system? I think the "-" was accidently replaced by a "+" making your handicap quite opposite of what it should be.
Online play is also no big surprise. I found it dull and very, very slow.
As a whole, the game is simply another yearly installment of a very successful game series. Not since 2001 has the game gone though such changes, but all in all, its still an enjoyable experience.