Possibly the best game on the Xbox, till date. Graphically superb, with incredible gameplay never seen on the Xbox in a

From the beginning to the end, this game features 10 unique and realistic locations which give you that special ‘stealthy’ feeling that no other game of the same genre can offer. The game explores into the depth of Sam Fisher’s personality unlike the previous ones and because of this, improves overall gameplay ten fold.

Gameplay: Gameplay just doesn’t get any better than this. There’s something about shooting a guy point blank in the head while he’s walking towards you that just gives you this feeling of silent excitement that’s hard to find in any other game not from the Splinter Cell series. The gameplay is incredibly immersive and sometimes makes you forget your playing a game altogether.

Graphics: Gameplay’s just the tip of the iceberg, the graphics, combined with the incredible use of lighting and shadows makes you want to relish each and every environment you walk into. You might want to switch back to normal vision just to take a look at the shiny walls or the bruised sky.

Sound: The sound is pretty precise; every increase in movement or whistle increases the sound bar and alerts your enemies. Bullet-firing, the sound of a guy being hit by a sticky shocker or even the sound of Sam stealthily grab a guy from behind, though small, are pretty sweet.

The game may be pretty short, but you’ll enjoy each and every minute of it.