First Final Fantasy in the world with hit OST

User Rating: 9.5 | Final Fantasy VIII (Platinum) PS
Different than Final Fantasy VII that has NES cartoon like character, Final Fantasy VIII uses all PSX graphic card can give to make the best graphic game.
The character is more real but still look a little like bitmap character.

You will using Squall Leonheart in this game, which name is changeable.
And changing the material summon beast from the previous Final Fantasy. This game has Guardian Force(GF), and this GF is really important. What magic skill you can equip or juntion is all depends on which GF that you attach with your character.
And also there will be no changing weapon, because you can only using one weapon, but all the weapons is upgradeable if you have the needed items and have read it on magazine too, lol.

The story will then differ to one character from the past name Laguna, he is a soldier and his past is related with what has happen in Squall's time.

Good point :
1. Best graphic for PSX
2. Real time turn-based battle
3. Great OST
4. Best Final Fantasy story in PSX

Bad Point:
1. Only the difficulty when Squall level-up the enemy will be at the same level with him