Samuel Slight's sound font dsl..

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(This is my first time posting here, sorry if I didn't posted in the appropriate forum, if so could you please point me to the right direction, thanks) Does anyone know where I can download this soundfont? <--- I've been trying to download it from here, but unable because of "Error (509) This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!" from Dropbox. Been waiting/checking on it for 3-4 days now still to no avail.. Not sure how long till it be available again :s If anyone has/found this file uploaded on another site could you please share it with me? Because believe me, I have searched and searched but had no luck on finding another link to it :( Unless there's other similar patches/mod out there that do the same thing, if so share please ^^ (If you don't know what this soundfont does, just read about it on the website link I provided) I've been itching to play this game but before I do I really want the sound(music) to sound almost as good as the PS ones to bring back the nostalgia of my childhood :3 Because I've read about the PC version; the sounds in this game weren't that good compare to the PS. Is anyone going to be my hero on this dilemma I'm in :P
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After a little more digging I final found a link to download the file. If anyone else want it just send me an message and I'll give you the link. EDIT: I just figured how to edit my post.. lol Just a last comment from me "I guess I am my own hero" :D