Squaresoft makes the playstation revolution spot with one of the greatest games ever in their history.

User Rating: 9 | Final Fantasy VII PS
Creative characters, detailed monsters, beautiful storyline, awesome gameplay, add those all together, make sure to twist and turn it a little this and that way, what do you get after you're done? Why, you get Final Fantasy VII of course! One of the most precious games on the playstation and possibbly one of the greatest ever made for the playstation console. Created by Squaresoft, this game contains a story that just opens everyone's eyes to see what they really have been waiting for.

Final Fantasy VII's hero, is none other than the braver mercenary Cloud Strife. He lives for hire and carries his devastating sword around, completing the missions he recieves for almost any amount of money. This makes he almost the perfect warrior due to his attitude of a rock. But that is only in the beginning that he doesn't have much heart in him. But as Cloud, you join the the group AVALANCHE created by Barret, Cloud's client. Armed with a gun on his arm, he packs a powerful punch, well bullets I can say. As you complete the mission, Barret begins to reveal to Cloud what his purpose for creating AVALANCHE was for. AVALANCHE was created to destroy the Mako reactors that were built by Shinra, the company that Cloud has previously worked for as a soldier. They drain mako to make use of it as energy and it's polluting the city of Midgar. Knowing this, Barret and his team cannot sit by and watch the city fall and the planet fall apart due to this. So to at least save the world, they are destroying the reactors one by one. Barret is trying to convince Cloud to understand the situation, but Cloud is only in for the money, with no care about the planet. Finally , when they destroy the reactor, they take their leave, but little does Cloud know, that he is going to get into a lot more trouble than he had ever imagined, thus the story of Final Fantasy VII unfolds.

The battle system of Final Fantasy VII remains as RPG of course, and the ATB gauge for your turn is still in use. There are also the new use of magic, which is consisted of materia. Materia is what the characters use as magic, and each new materia provides you with many different spells. The materia range from command skills to regular black magic, or to supportive spells. Materia is able to evolve and gain stronger versions of the spell as well as how many times it can be cast in battle. AP is needed for materia to level up but monsters only offer about 10-15 AP per fight maybe even lower. So it takes a lot of patience to level them up.

There is also the limit break to learn about. Whenever characters take damage in battle, there is a bar that gradually feeds off the amount of damage taken, when the bar reaches it's max, you are allowed to perform a characters personal technique that usually pounds the enemy with extreme power. The more you use these limit breaks, the more you learn the next powerful move, and there are four levels for each character. Each level contains two limit break skills. Limit breaks are very important victory skills in battle.

As you progress in the game, the story unfolds itself to you and draws you in like no other game has been able to. And once you're drawn you won't be able to get out. After completing this game on my own, i was able to play it over and over again, it's just how much I love the Final Fantasy series. So if you haven't already picked up a copy, I suggest you do so now, Have fun everyone!