Only buy if you only own the Wii

First off, I loved the first Destroy all Humans on the PS2, so I am not a hater, and have bought #2 but have not gotten around to playing it.

My advice is that only buy this game if the only console you own is the Wii. If you own a XBox 360, or PS3 or even a PS2, save yourself a lot of grief and buy a version of the game for one of those consoles.

Here is a breakdown by topic:

Price: For some reason, like many Nintendo games, this game has held its value and you still have to pay around $30 for it new. It is not worth it. I paid $15 use without instructions and this was still not worth it.

Although this game came out in 2008, the graphics are definately not "next gen",even for Wii standards. The graphics are on par with the first DAH which came out in 2005 on the PS2. The PS2 graphics might even be better than this Wii version.

The controls were very frustrating, and hard to master. Simple things like rotating the flying saucer did not work well. I got confused about which buttons to press to do different functions. Reloading is a chore. The only cool function is when you are in the Big Willy statue and you throw the object with the Wii remote like you are throwing a baseball. You need a lot of patients to get used to the controls.

Game play:
Some of the missions are tedious, made more challenging by the controls. For example, you fail a saucer mission, you have to move Crypto to the start icon, then run back to the saucer to get in, then fly start flying the saucer for the mission.
They even managed to screw up what was supposed to the most innovative part of the game - operating the giant statue of Big Willy. Big Willy will run out of energy, in the middle of a mission and you are suddenly kicked out. You have to zap him with your electric gun, all the while people are shooting at you, then you have to jump back into WIlly and continue on.

Story: The story line is typical Destroy All Humans fare, which I liked.

In the end I would suggest that you only buy this game if you are really good at the Wii remote, and don't mind really dated graphics, or only own the Wii.

I might buy the game again, but the PS2 version.