It tooke em long engouh but its finaly here and was worth the wait.

User Rating: 9.9 | Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children PSP
This is the sequel to the greatest game (in my opinion) Final Fantasy 7. Cloud and his buddies have to save the world yet again from a new evil. Kadaj and his gang seek to reunite with "mother". Did I not see them on a carton of milk? This movie has tons of action for all those who like fast paced battles that put the Matrix to shame. Sorry Kenue (I probably spelled it wrong but who cares). The story is not as deep as the game but its a movie so well cut it some slack on that. But don't get me wrong the story is great it is excellent and gives them a reason to have those awesome fight sequences. Sorry no mindless violence just intelligent violence. And the biggest thing is this is a CG film. I showed some clips to a friend and he said, "this is a real movie right." It is just amazing and watch the credits because at the end has some of the best CG I ever seen. The only one bone i got to pick with it is that at times some of the voices do sound cheesy but most of the time its spectacular. Over all this is a must buy for any FF7 fan. And even if you never played they will still enjoy the film and if they watch closely I think they will know enough about FF7 to enjoy the movie.