I love my time while playing this game, this is one of the best RPG I have ever played

the most thing that I loved through my playing time that how i decide the destiny of vegas through my decisions all over the game and how the side quests are completing the main quests. also the up grade system is so good and make the game addictive, I played the game in version 1.4 and i had not met any crash or any technical problem.
Story: is good not perfect in my opinion, it's not epic but i the decision making in the game is perfect and lead to many endings according to your actions this first class RPG so its 8/10

Graphics: not the best looking game the see that the graphics is the one of the weakest aspect of the game it seems lazy in some areas and dirty, so its not technically amazing so its 7.510

Design: the waste land is huge and the environment is detailed, world is so attractive and full of ideas and design of post apocalyptic world is so so good and I liked it and it's what made try this game, but the character design is not good and feel dull
so its 810

Sound: its so good and I like the old music and style of the game also the soundtrack is satisfying also the voice acting is good and there is tons of characters in this game so its massive its 8/10

Game play : very addictive I like RPG and up grading my character and making decisions and see the consequences its perfect RPG in this side BUT the combat is clunky and not fun
also the V.T.A.S system is good edition so its 8.510

Finally I enjoyed all my playing through this game I liked it more than many RPG games so my final VERDICT is 8.510