Argueably the best game in the series.

User Rating: 9.6 | Final Fantasy VI SNES
Ahh Final Fantasy III/VI, what a game this is.
If you ever have the chance to play it, it is well worth it.
Incrediable, indepth, and many pathed story-line. There is no real main character because the game revolves around a whole cast of characters, each with an indepth story to tell.
The battle system is the traditional RPG style, with a few extra's such as Sabin's Blitz technique. These added tweaks into the system gives you a more exciting experence then the traditional "Attack...wait...Attack...wait...etc..."
Learning magic is also very different. Using the "Espers" you collect, anyone character can learn any skill. Also, each esper has a lvl up bonus, so you can build a powerhouse with max HP, MP and every spell.

Overall, this game is one of my personal favorites. Deffinetly worth playing.