Flawed Genius

Assassin's Creed is a beautiful looking game. With a concept that has never really ever been seen in a video game before. Even though the game has a bunch of high highs, it also has some low lows. Let me explain...

First of all, you cannot help but love the open world gameplay. I am sick and tired of all of these games that have places that you really want to get to but can't their is an invisible wall in your way. Also, the single player story is kick ass, not as good as the one that we saw in Mass Effect, but as close as we are going to get.

However, the major downfall of this game is that it is repetitive, espcially in the side missions. Also the controls are so ornery that they made me want to sneak up behind someone and pull a dagger out of my hand and let them have a little something.

With all downfalls aside, their are not to many games like this and it should be played by anyone and everyone (if your over 17 of course).