Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Cheats For DS

  1. Bonga Bugle - Goldsun: Secret Treasure

    If you use a Knockback ability on the Head Editor and move Luso to where he was standing, the treasure detector will go off to reveal a special item with a little message how it is the 'Special Bonga Treasure.'

  2. Unlocking clan ability Libra early

    You can aquire the clan ability 'Libra' at the start of the game by having a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in the Slot-2 (GBA) of your DS.

    Code Effect
    Insert a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance when starting a new game or loading a game. Libra
  3. Clan Abilities

    During the prologue (Luso's summer journal), you can answer the three questions in the following orders to unlock different clan abilities from the beginning.

    Code Effect
    Answer B, A, A Evade Up 1
    Answer B, A, B Lucky 1
    Answer B, A, C Gil Up 1
    Answer B, B, A Smash Up 1
    Answer B, B, B Power Up 1
    Answer B, B, C Clan Up 1
    Answer B, C, A Speed Up 1
    Answer B, C, B EXP Up 1
    Answer B, C, C AP Up 1
  4. Unlockable Classes

    Code Effect
    Complete Green Dominion Quest Green Mage
    Complete the quest Knowing the Beast Beastmaster
    Complete Kyrra, Dragoon Dragoon
    Complete "To be a Fighter" Fighter
    Complete quest,Veis Assassin Assassin class
    Complete The Nu Mou Nobles quest Arcanist
    Complete Quest: The Bangaa Brotherhood Cannoneer
    Complete "Of Kupos and Cannons" Flintlock
    Complete "Instrument of Inspiration" Raptor
    Complete the Goug Consortium quest Fusiler
    Complete the Cat's Meow quest Seer
    Complete "To Be a Spellblade" quest Spellblade
    Complete "The Eastwatch" quest Parivir
    Complete Banbanga! Master Monk
    Complete the Sleight of Hand quest Trickster
    Complete the Lord Grayrl! quest Viking
    Complete the Popocho's Chocobos quest Chocobo Knight
    Complete the Treasured Tomes quest Scholar
    Do the quest "Ravager" Ravager
    Complete "Gifted" Quest Heritor
    Complete "Geomancer's Way" quest chain Geomancer
    Complete "A Lanista's Pride" Lanista
    Talk to Lezaford and go to Zeldei Woods before fighting Illua 3rd Heritor
  5. Unlocking the FFXII Espers

    By doing certain quests of the game, you can unlock items that allow you to summon the Espers of FFXII, so long as you have a full Smash Gauge.

    Code Effect
    Complete "The Camoa Cup" Belias
    Complete "The Graszton Cup" Mateus
    Complete "The Moorabella Cup" Adrammelech
    Complete "The Fluorgis Cup" Hashmal
    Complete "The Last Step" Zalera
    Complete "The Five Kings" Zeromus
    Complete "Hunted" Ultima
    Complete, "The Jylland Cup" Exodus
    Complete, "The Goug Cup" Famfrit
    Complete "The Loar Cup" Chaos
    Complete, "A Lasting Peace" Zodiark
    Complete, "The Odalia Cup" CĂșchulainn
    Complete the event "Of a Feather" Shemhazai

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