One of the greatest Mario games of all time.

I originaly got this game with my SNES from my dad in 1995. I was so excited about playing the game everyday when I got home from school. I loved how some power ups were used and also pleased with the lovable dinosaur known as Yoshi. I found it funny to squish those purple T Rexes and knock the shells off the koopas. I also enjoyed using the cape to fly and gather coins in the air that were unreachable otherwise. On one of the levels I found it exciting flying for the first time with the cape and nabbing all those coins. Then there's also Yoshi. I enjoyed eating up those damn enemies and koopa shells and getting their unique abilities. Oh and of course it was funny beating the first koopaling by knocking him off the tilting platform and into the lava below. It was this game that gave me extreme joy as a child and I consider any person who owns this game a very lucky person.