Solid ending to the Prince of Persia Trilogy

Alright this is the 3rd and final game of the prince of persia trilogy. It's a solid game, with a pretty good storyline. In this game the prince is exposed to the sands of time, but through some force of magic and sand imunity the prince isn't turned completely like everyone else. Because of this the prince can either be himself or a sand creature of sorts. Both have their advantages and disavantages. The "dark" prince can use a chain to swing, and is much faster than the regular prince, but lives off of the sands, so if you don't have enough sand, you die. The regular prince has all the same abilities as in the other games, wall runing, slow down time, and so on. In this game there is a very cool stealth kill move. If you can sneak up behind an enemy, you will be prompted to initiate a stealth kill. But in order to make the kill you need to time the attack right and push x at the right, otherwise the enemy will counter-attack. Overall it's a great ending, and a good close to the PoP series. I suggest picking this game up